Theme: Business growth, financial stability and opportunities triggered by a waning pandemic and geopolitical circumstances.

With COVID-19 showing signs of receding, there is optimism in the market of growth, financial stability and opportunities. In such a context, what are the business strategies and acumen needed to thrive, the availability of funding and criteria for lending; and the scope of growth to at least pre-pandemic levels?



Showcasing the best of IT-related solutions for the building industry

‘IT in HVAC’ is a pavilion-formatted forum for digital solutions providers to showcase their products in a highly specialised conference that is viewed as compelling and attractive by a strong eco-system of general consultants & contractors, MEP consultants & contractors, project managers, architects, master developers, developers, government agencies, sectoral building owners, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, testing & commissioning firms, legal firms and FM companies. The conference is attractive to people in such positions as Chairpersons, CIOs, CEOs, CFOs and Directors.

‘IT in HVAC’ is a vital platform, because the building industry for long has been seeking specific solutions to knotty challenges related to transparency, traceability and validation to resolve issues related to the framing of contracts, monitoring and payment, which especially represents sustenance and wellbeing of businesses in the country.

IT in HVAC has also assumed significant importance in the time of COVID, with remote monitoring and the fast-evolving need for predictive maintenance, etc., to give building owners and asset managers greater insight into, and operational tools for, greater resource efficiency and reliability and for lowering total cost of ownership.

In other words, any relevant IT solutions will find a listening ear and open mind, as stakeholders understand the value in making investments in digital solutions.