Key Topics

  1. A year on, the shape of the economic recovery – V-, U- or L-shaped curve?
  2. A review of macro-economic trends and geopolitical circumstances towards business modelling
  3. Opportunities for specialised MEP disciplines in new construction and in retrofit and repair jobs
  4. The importance of agility, resilience, and of pivoting expertise
  5. Systemic areas of concern: The commonly seen Low Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) approach.
  6. System areas of concern: The implications of awarding contracts on lowest-cost basis: A case of missed opportunities in raising the bar on building performance?
  7. Where is the next dollar coming from? IEQ and energy-efficiency opportunities in the post-COVID scenario?
    • Greater emphasis on IAQ, and the extremely small margin for error
    • The energy efficiency-IAQ nexus
    • Specific business opportunities through aligning with the stated objectives of the UAE’s new set of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
  8. Profiles of small- and medium-sized contracting companies
  9. Digitalisation: Multiple facets, multiple applications
  10. The new FIDIC, and what it means to the construction and MEP industries
  11. With FIDIC consensually being viewed as the gold standard, is it appropriate to disable some of the clauses? Is it acceptable to localise FIDIC? If so, is it FIDIC any longer?
  12. The ratio of cost contracts to lumpsum contracts in the GCC region. Which works better for the overall financial wellbeing of all stakeholders?
  13. Manufacturers’ perspective: Confidence-building measures
  14. Manufacturers’ perspective: Seamless aftersales support