The weight of insights and information gathered from the past three editions indicates a consensus that transparency among stakeholders is the way out of knotty payment-related and operational issues plaguing specialised MEP consultants and MEP contractors and HVAC equipment manufacturers and suppliers – more so in the midst of COVID. Transparency needs to be pursued with urgency, given the general agreement that a distracted ecosystem of specialised MEP functions is finding it a challenge to deliver excellence in design, specification and installation, so vital for improving building performance, which in turn, is a vital element in meeting the needs of UAE’s socioeconomic and sustainable development parameters and targets.

Transparency is a distinct possibility with the digital tools in the marketplace, and it helps that Dubai and the UAE are focusing on digitalisation with such deep intent. So, the question arises: How can Digital Dubai resolve disputes and smoothen stakeholder engagement in the MEP sphere, plus navigate through the pain-points engendered by COVID? The answer is, Dubai has the wherewithal to find solutions on the strength of its ‘can-do’ attitude and pioneering spirit.

The 4th edition of The Client, Consultant, Contractor Conference (TQuadC) explores the digital tools available on the Dubai landscape, including cutting-edge solutions, which Dubai has welcomed as a testbed of innovation. The event speaks the language of ‘dashboards’ for better monitoring (including remote monitoring) and transparency, and identifies touchpoints, which can give clarity to the overall market. Central to the discussions are BIM, BMS, blockchain, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence. They provide the context to the discussions and drive the narrative towards a set of outcomes, insights and recommendations aimed at greater energy efficiency, optimising water use and improving indoor air quality.