Key Topics

COVID Related

  • Where is the next dollar coming from? A review of macro-economic trends and business modelling
  • Where is the next dollar coming from? IEQ and energy-efficiency opportunities in the post-COVID scenario?
  • Towards essentialness: What must we do as an industry to broaden the scope of indispensableness? A role for advocacy and awareness-building.
  • The shape of the economic recovery – V-, U- or L-shaped curve? Will the Abraham Accord set us on a quicker path to recovery?
  • Challenges confronting the manufacturing sector, and the shape of things to come: Production-, supply chain- and logistics-related challenges.
  • Government support for the HVACR industry across different markets.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on R&D: How are manufacturers remaining committed to product development in the COVID chaos?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on aftersales operations: The significance of cross-functional response teams and other strategies.
  • Tech at the time of COVID-19: To what extent have AI, ML, data analytics and robotics stepped in to help overcome the massive-scale disruptions we have been witnessing in running our buildings?


  • The progress, to date, in ensuring smoother and transparent stakeholder engagement in the building industry and the implications for New Construction and Existing Buildings in Dubai and the UAE.
  • The decisive role of Project Management in offering clarity and structure, including workflow, stewardship, financial modelling and monitoring of projects.
  • The ratio of cost contracts to lumpsum contracts in the GCC region. Which works better for the overall financial wellbeing of all stakeholders? Profiles of case studies. Also, understanding the shift of risk in cost contracts?
  • The commonly seen Low Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) approach.
  • The implications of awarding contracts on lowest-cost basis: A case of missed opportunities in raising the bar on building performance? (Context: Building performance is inextricably tied to nation-building and presenting a global pioneering opportunity at tackling climate change and scoring high on health indices. This topic is based on a year-long survey of projects in the country, and their implications for the carbon footprint, and health & wellbeing of residents, citizens and tourists.)
  • Profiles of the mindset of small, medium and large contracting companies in selecting projects: The KPIs they apply in choosing clients they wish to work with. How digitalisation can help.
  • With FIDIC consensually being viewed as the gold standard, is it appropriate to disable some of the clauses? Is it acceptable to localise FIDIC? If so, is it FIDIC any longer?
  • The points for considering in accurately calculating the budget to ensure smooth payment process.
  • International best practices in structuring stakeholder participation in projects.
  • The Government initiatives taken so far in regulating the marketplace for smooth stakeholder engagement. How incorporating digitalisation will bolster the structure of regulation and enforcement and, thereby, ensure compliance.
  • Digitalisation solutions as gamechangers in shaping a new landscape of building industry engagement and transparency: Unravelling the specific role of digital tools in measuring, monitoring (including remote monitoring), data collection, analysis and predictive maintenance.

Business Continuity, Financial Stability and Confidence-building Measures

How exactly do we – as building owners, architects, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers – regain the ground ceded to the virus and strengthen our financial position?

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Abraham Accord: Emerging Opportunities, Interesting Possibilities

While COVID-19 has dampened market sentiment, with new projects few and far between, there is emerging optimism in the UAE over the peace agreement signed with Israel, and the commercial possibilities, therein

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