Business Continuity, Financial Stability and Confidence-building Measures

How exactly do we – as building owners, architects, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers – regain the ground ceded to the virus and strengthen our financial position?

The 4th edition of the conference provides a unique opportunity for the HVACR industry to come together, swap notes, reassess priorities, infuse reasoning, and introduce stress-tests, strategies and solutions to dispel doubts. It is an essential event in the context of the pandemic, and in the context of our collective will to not only survive but also to thrive.

As we wait the virus out, some of the common and uncommon questions confronting our industry are:

  • To what extent has COVID-19 already reshaped the business landscape?
  • Is it reasonable to expect a rebound? Are we staring at a new-normal that is yet eluding definition? Or, will the Abraham Accord steer us towards a return to prosperity?
  • What must we do to ensure financial stability and steady cashflow?
  • What must we do as manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, contractors, FM professionals, utilities and clients to regain lost ground and build confidence for inter-stakeholder commercial transactions, once COVID-19 is contained?
  • Are we staring at the possibility of opportunities like never before, when as an essential industry, we would be called upon to make buildings pandemic-proof and secure – a need to dive deeper than existing IEQ measures?
  • Getting HVAC equipment out to mission-critical existing facilities, like hospitals, data centres, and food and pharma sectors, and building healthcare facilities of the future. What are the challenges and opportunities ahead of us?